Captain C.Hamilton.

Capt, Superintendant.
House Number: 

Claude Hamilton RD. RNR

Captain Superintendant  -RCNS 1919-1927



1881 - 1932

Commander Claude Hamilton R.D. RNR 

Born: 1881 in Brighton, Sussex, the younger son of Mr. CC Hamilton of Brighton.

Died: 17 Jan 1932  Brighton Age 51

Awards  and Decorations: Commander Claude Hamilton was awarded the decoration for Officers of the RNR, the RD. The medal was instituted in 1908.



Merchant Marine

Entered Merchant Navy. It is believed (but unconfirmed) that Claude Hamilton joined the Bibby Steam Ship Company. The Company’s ships ran from Liverpool to the Mediterranean, Suez, Port Sudan, Colombo and Rangoon. During World War 1 many of its ships were requisitioned and Bibby Ships were heavily involved as Trooping to the Near East and Far East,




Royal Navy Reserve

1898 Joined RNR  as Midshipman 

1904 promoted Sub Lieutenant

1908 promoted Lieutenant 




Lieutenant C Hamilton was posted to HMS CHALLENGER



Built: Chatham Dockyard, completed 1905

Displacement: 5,880 tons

Armament: 11 x 6 inch

Speed: 21 knots

WW1 Campaigns: 1914 Cameroon, West Africa, blockading the German Cruiser SMS Konigsberg. Then to East Africa and a bombardment of Dar es Salaam on 13th 






HMS CHALLENGER – World War 1 Cruiser



Jun 1916. 

Lieutenant C Hamilton was posted to HMS CUMBERLAND



Monmouth Class Cruiser

Built: London and Glasgow, completed 1904

Displacement: 9,800 tons

Armament: 14 x 6 inch

Complement: 678

Speed: 23 knots

WW1 Campaigns: 5th Cruiser Squadron, Atlantic. 1914 Cameroon, West Africa, captured 10 German Merchant Ships.  1915  6th Cruiser Squadron Grand Fleet.





HMS CUMBERLAND – Monmouth Class Cruiser




Lt. C. Hamilton was posted as Commanding Officer to HM Armed Yacht GOISSA 


HM Armed Yacht - Goissa

Commanding Officer.

Steam Yacht;

Built: 1893

Displacement: 1,023 tons

WW1 Campaigns: 

1. Salvage of Norwegian Barque Henrik Ibsen, 21/ 23 Nov 1916

2. On April 24, 1916 the Royal Navy’s Battlecruiser Force was in the North Sea to cut off the German Navy retreat as the Grand Fleet moved down from Scapa Flow. 

The Battlecruisers failed to make contact and were recalled. HMS INVINCIBLE part of the Battlkecruiser Squadron was rammed by the patrol yacht HMY GOISSA in thick fog. The bow of HMY GOISSA broke off and was embedded in the starboard quarter of HMS INVINCIBLE . Flooding badly HMS INVINCIBLE was able to limp home at 12 knots and was placed in drydock for repairs until May 22. 1916.

3. HMY GOISSA hit a Mine and sunk in Dardanelles, 15 November 1918



Lt. C. Hamilton was posted as Commanding Officer to HM Armed Yacht JASON II





HM Armed Yacht – Jason II

Commanding Officer 




Yacht Jason

The Yacht  Jason II was built by James Jenkinson Bibby (Bibby Line) after the family had lost control of the Bibby Line, so he could still fly the ‘House Flag’.  Later the family founded the Line Bibby Brothers. 

At the outbreak of WW1, Frank Bibby presented HMS PHAETON to the Liverpool Sea Training Homes and she became the TS INDEFATIGABLE (2) and was in company with another boys training ship HMS CONWAY. Many of the company’s ship were requisitioned in 1914, along with the Yacht Jason II.



June 1921

Promoted to Commander



Retired from the RNR as Captain, and placed on the Emergency List.



Russell Coates Nautical School (RCNS)

In 1919  Captain C Hamilton RD RNR Rtd. was appointed as Captain Superintendant. The foundation stone for RCNS was laid down by HRH Prince Albert in June 1919. The school opened with the first boys being accommodated in huts until the first house, Lady Russell Cotes House LRCH was opened in 1922. Two further houses, Howard & Johnston were opened in 1924, followed by Broughton House in 1927, the final house Arranmore in 1937.


(Note: ?? unsure of dates – 7 years as Capt Sup 1919-1927 ?)



On or about 1927 Captain C Hamilton RD RNR Rtd. was appointed to the National Nautical School at Portishead, Somerset overlooking the Bristol Channel.






National Nautical School

The School at Portishead, Somerset, was founded in 1905 by Edward Gabriel. Prior to the school being built, HMS FORMIDABLE (an 84 gun 2nd Rate, launched 1825)  was the training ship and the first boys arrived in 1869.. The TS FORMIDABLE was anchored off Portishead and accommodated 350 boys. 


The School closed in 1982. The old school a ‘listed building’ was bought by a developer, and converted in luxury apartments, it is now known as; Fedden Village.



The Navy List  - April 1914, Admiralty.HMSO.

(p.451)  Lieutenant  Claude Hamilton RNR   Seniority date; 21 January 1908

(p.470)  Lieutenant  Claude Hamilton RNR   HMS CHALLENGER

The National Archives; Catalogue Reference: 38087 National Nautical School, held at Bristol Record Office.



1930 /1931

Cambridge House, Camberwell 

Cambridge University Trinity College began in 1889 as a ‘Lay Settlement’  to support the activities of the Trinity College Mission, in its work of combating poverty and deprivation in parts of south London. By the 1930’s Cambridge House was providing Workshops for the unemployed, where they could learn skills.

In 1930/31 retired Captain Claude Hamilton RNR became its head.



Captain C Hamilton RD RNR Rtd. died on January 17 at Ower House,

Patcham, Brighton, at the age of 51.