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HMS FISGARD ASSOCIATION  This site is for those who entered the Royal Navy as Artificer Apprentices.

Badgerwood Publications.    There are nine publications written by people who passed through Barnardo's care, some of them ex sea schools boys.  These books have been compiled under the auspices of Gordon Brocklehurst who is an old boy of RCNS, 1943-1946. and is a well respected and revered neurosurgeon. His book is remarkable, a Barnardo boy who rose to become so notable on both sides of the atlantic. It is still possible to find a copy of these books by searching through Amazon, Google and eBay, unfortunately they are no longer in print. 

HMS.Ganges Association.                                                                                                            This association is for fully paid up members only  and can be found at:-                      

BARNARDO'S is one of the leading UK children's charities. They offer a wide range of support services for children. The website will tell you more about the work and how you can help.

BARKINGSIDE TVH: These pages were part of the Goldonian old homes pages but have grown in to its own web site, the more you send the better it will be.

CARELEAVERS REUNITEDBeen in care? Need help, support on how to get your personal history of your time in care or just meet up with others like you. Logon and register name and home.

FRANKS PAGES: has information on Letchworth the First Garden City and a hole in the ground called the Blue Lagoon and other information you didn't want to know.

GOLDONIAN WEB SITE: A web site on the history of the William Baker Technical School. When Parkstone closed a lot of the boys were transferred to Goldings.

THE RAGGED SCHOOL MUSEUMa unique history of the East End of London, and in particular of the Copperfield Road Ragged School and Dr Barnardo's old Cromwell Road School.

OLD DR BARNARDO'S HOMES: Barnardo's opened hundreds of children’s homes across the UK from Thomas Barnardo’s day until the 1970’s. Barnardo's today don’t run orphanages or children’s homes anymore. This is a directory of all the homes Frank Cooke could find listed and what happened to them.

goldings: lots of facts , photos and humour relating to this famous home.