These photos are placed in "folders", if you click on the blue writing you will open the folder and be able to scroll through the photos, if you then click on the photo itself it will reveal more information. A large number of these do need names and dates adding, so if you can help, please do so through the "Contact us" link.

I am indebted to Gordon Brocklehurst for entrusting me with his collection of photos taken whilst he was at RCNS 1943 to 1946, together with a few of later dates, these are under the heading "Gordon's photos", they have now been entrusted to the "Archive" department of Barnardo's.

Credit must be given to all those that have sent photos in but in particular, Mick Aves, Terry Quelch, John Trott, Terry Crossley and Robin Woolven for the 1950's photos of PSTS. Thanks also to  E.T.Jones for his photos of WNTS and the start of PSTS in the late 1940's.

There are a large quantity of photos etc, amassed by Fred Barnes, a Barnardo old boy, that have been sent to me. I am placing these in folders marked "FB" so that due credit can be given to Fred for his dedicated work on a project he started in 1996. There are also a number of letters from old "sea school" boys that I will eventually include under the "Stories" heading, although sadly, some of these have "crossed the bar". The photos in folders marked "Reunions" are proving difficult to date, some are obviously of Sea School reunions and others are of WNTS reunions. With the aid of a magnifying glass, I have been able to read a few of the name tags (call me Sherlock) and have placed these with the photo. If you can help identify a name or reunion date please contact me.