Title Author Schoolsort descending Year
Article from press.(re John Grantham) N/A 2005
Article from press (2).(re John Grantham) Claire elliot 2005
70th Anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic. A veterans story. Charles Somerville. 2013
Article by Tony Dando.(re-John Grantham) Tony Dando 2005
Barnardo’s boy who will float the Queens boat.(Philip Morrell) Christopher Middleton (by kind permission of Daily Telegraph) PSTS 1955-1957
Jack Tar. 1955 Spring. N/A PSTS Spring 1955.
Jack Tar. 1957. Winter N/A PSTS 1957
Hugh Upward. Various. PSTS 1954-1957
Broughton and beyond! Richard Eastwood.(Formerly Goble) PSTS 1955-58
My time at Parkstone. Michael Danskin. PSTS 1960-1964
Max Bygraves Christmas special. John trott. PSTS 1955-1959
The Yangtse Incident. Philip Morrell. (Arranmore: 56) PSTS 1955-1957
A day in the life of PSTS. Mick Aves. PSTS 1952-1955
Memories of my Father.(Sidney Pointer). Janet Bolton (nee Pointer) PSTS 1937 to 1956
Jack Tar. 1954 Summer. N/A PSTS Summer 1954
Jack Tar. 1954 Winter. N/A PSTS Winter 1954.
Jack Tar 1958 Winter. N/A PSTS 1958-1959
Memories of childhood and RCNS Ian Devine RCNS 1946-1949
Memories of RCNS.(FB Collection). Jimmy Green. RCNS 1946-1950
RCNS 1934-1937. (FB collection) H.G.Smith. RCNS 1934-1937