Title Author School Year
My childhood days.(FB. Collection) Thomas Dix. WNTS 1909-1915
My time at Parkstone. Michael Danskin. PSTS 1960-1964
My time at WNTS 1945-1949. E.T.Jones. WNTS 1945-1949
RCNS 1927 onwards.(FB Collection). J.W.Glazbrook. RCNS 1927 to 1940s
RCNS 1934-1937. (FB collection) H.G.Smith. RCNS 1934-1937
The bell,bugle and the flag. Bertram Busby. WNTS 1917 onwards.
The Kindness of Strangers. David Allsop. RCNS 1942-1948
The Twenty third little varmint. Dennis Sloane WNTS 1940s
The Yangtse Incident. Philip Morrell. (Arranmore: 56) PSTS 1955-1957
Three Kings and three conflicts. Bill Hill. WNTS 1935-1938