Where are they now?

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Name Initials School House Number Fromsort descending To Contact Where are they?
Mitchell J RCNS Yes Dorset
Bayley B PSTS 1955 No
Rice D PSTS LRCH 1956 No
Doran P PSTS Broughton 1954 No
Johnson B 1956 No
Campbell P PSTS 1957 No
Horler J PSTS Broughton 115 No
Green M PSTS Howard 1955 No
Drake K PSTS Broughton 1954 No
Carswell J PSTS Broughton 1956 No
Taylor F PSTS Broughton 1955 No
Roake M PSTS Broughton No
Carvill PSTS Broughton 1957 No
Roake P PSTS Broughton No
Durham M PSTS Arranmore 123 1955 No
Myers PSTS Arranmore 1955 No
Chambers R PSTS No
Bennett B PSTS Johnston 1957 No
Jordan PSTS Arranmore 1955 No
Hall D PSTS 1957 No