Where are they now?

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Name Initials School House Numbersort descending From To Contact Where are they?
Packard PSTS Broughton 1955 1958 No
Gray P PSTS Howard 1957 No
Bower R PSTS Broughton 1955 1957 Yes Australia
Herskowitz A PSTS Johnston 1957 No
Busswell R PSTS Broughton 1954 1957 No
Scantlebury E PSTS LRCH 1956 No
Johnson B 1956 No
Crick PSTS Arranmore 1957 No
Leworthy PSTS Arranmore 1955 No
Minnis N PSTS Arranmore 1957 No Lowestoft
Beauchamp A PSTS Broughton 1955 1959 No
Windebank J PSTS Howard 1957 No
Packham D PSTS Howard 1954 1957 No
Green M PSTS Howard 1955 No
James-Bailey D. RCNS Howard 1947 1948 Yes
Read A PSTS Arranmore 1955 1958 No
Campbell P PSTS 1957 No
Searle PSTS Arranmore 1955 No
Stevens P PSTS Howard 1955 No
Ley A PSTS Howard 1956 No