Terry Crossley response

John Norris sent a message to say he joined the Royal Navy on the 3rd of September 1957, with Terry. They were both in Blake 74 at St Vincent.

Terry Crossley

Tery Crossley has been in touch. He joined Parkstone 3rd September 1953 Johnstone House left Parkstone 3rd September 1957 to join the Royal Navy. Hi , I thought I would drop you a line and let you know what I have been up to these past few years. My wife Carol and I have just celebrated our Golden Wedding Anniversary and I am pleased to say we are both well, happy and fit . We both like to travel and have just returned from a trip to Marrakesh. I am planning a trip to the Antarctic in February 2017, a place I have always wanted to visit especially Sir Ernest Shackletons grave situated on the Island of South Georgia. The Falkland islands are also on my must visit list. I have for the past few years been running an events company which organises events on behalf of charities including Barnardo's. Events include The Great Scottish Walk & Run Festival and The Edinburgh Christmas Charity Festival. We have raised in excess of £12m for mostly Scottish charities over the past ten years. I have been sadden to read about the passing and crossing the bar of some of my old school chums such as Coggy Grantham, Hughie Upward, Alan Pennifold and Richard Eastwood. Coggy and Alan were in Johnstone House at the same time as me so I have some very fond memories of them both. If any of my old school pals are reading this please contact me. It would be great to hear from you.

Crossing the Bar

Alfie Windsor sent a message. He says "as you like Tennyson's poem you may like this sung version on tmtsm.org".

Greetings from Stan Oram

Stan wishes us all "a very Happy Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year. And all the best for 2016".

James Gee

We have heard from Jim Gee. He was at PSTS late 1958 to November 1959. He remembers R Linay really well but can't remember his first name. His details are now in the "where are they now section".


Gordon Brocklehurst has contacted us. He says "Merry Christmas too you all. Still holding on at Cheston Lodge and presenting DBH, RCNS, etc. at Badgerwood. Season's Greetings & Best Wishes."

More contributions to website

John Trott has written in to say "I very much agree with Mike Richards comments (19th Nov 15) and those of our Webmaster Rachel ……It’s a great ‘Sea Schools’ Website….the ‘Stories’ are a very good ‘timeline’ of those days which are now but a distant memory. A ‘read through’ from the earliest; 1909c, brings so much to life, much of this is a treasure trove of information. The ‘Photo’s’ section, provides so much of those bygone days and shows much of a life now gone but for their record. 

Richard Eastwood gave much, to provide us with insights of life we had at WNTS, RCNS and PSTS,  let us keep this legacy going."


John Trott, Arranmore

Problems accessing site

Some of you may have noticed that we were denied access to the site for a short while recently. This was an error by the host server caused when they did their recent updates. This has now been rectified. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Mike Richards message

Mike Richards has sent us a message. He writes "sad as it is, the passing of our compatriots of years goneby, of the hundreds of us that flowed through psts and the very many who log onto the website there should be more contributions on a regular basis. I am guilty I admit of not posting anything for over a year. It was started by Richard with good intentions, are we allowing it to stagnate through apathy? come on lads,fingers out. T7.

I agree with Mike. We really should be using the site for what it was designed for. So many old boys out there with so many memories. They should be shared. Rachel.


Clifford Henry re: Hugh Upward

Clifford sent us a message to say "sad to see another old house mate passing over the bar. Hugh was one of life's good people, always helpful and never vindictive, rest in peace old house mate".