Robert Frank Hurren

Robert's son, Stephen Hurren has been in touch. His Father is ill at the moment and Stephen would appreciate any memories you may have of Robert and his time at the school. John Trott has already provided information about the visit from the Duke of Edinburgh which feature Robert. Please get in touch if anyone can help.

Hugh Upward Tribute

John Trott has written a tribute to Hugh Upward which can be found on the obituary page.

Hugh Upward - Funeral Details

Geoff Lewis has been in touch to let us know the details of Hugh's funeral. The funeral will take place on Wednesday 1st July at 15.30. It will be held at Portchester Crematorium, Cornaway Lane, Fareham, PO16 8NE. Geoff sends his condolences to the family.

Hugh Upward - Sadly passed

We have received an email from Keith Upward to inform us that his dear Brother, Hugh passed away a couple of days ago while on a cruise with his Wife Carol, in the baltic. He now lives in Australia, so details are a bit sketchy at this time. I will try to contact Hugh's son, Jeff to let you all know further details.

Brian Ferrand S36

Stan Oram has sent us a message to let us know Brian D (Beedie) Ferrand S36 REA died on 16.05.15. Another good man gone.

Brian 'Scruff' Harvey S35

Stan Oram has sent us a message: Hi Folks, If any of you Non-S35 knew Scruff Harvey you may not know that he died suddenly very recently and his funeral is tomorrow in Yeovil Crematorium at 1.20. Regards Stan

Gordon Brocklehurst - In the Clouds

My years at RCNS were '43-'46 (summer) when I left to go to Bryanston; I think Jones 166 and Savage 45 were overlaps, but they are difficult to deduce after some 70 years. Boys who were actually in Arranmore House with me at the same time remain fairly clear because they came under my care as a Leading Hand and one had to be closely involved in their discipline.

Certainly my day to day and more immediate memory now fails me easily, but these other matters are more like the rocks on a tide-swept beach and I would expect them to stay.

Such thoughts bring me to Richard; Barnardo's, you probably realise, runs its now well-established and politically-integrated world-wide social service, and this benefits clearly from financially-rewarded 'who do you think you are' activities. Your much appreciated continuance of Richard's work must share with the original Dr B an altruism appreciated by us senior remnants. Much of your website I would now deem to be historical and thereby valuable, so I hope you will preserve it somewhere, if only what they nowadays call in the clouds.

Thomas Oliver Davies - Research by John Trott

John Trott has done the following research on the query from Thomas Oliver Davies…….‘are there any others from RCNS?‘….. 

That’s a very interesting account from RCNS ‘Old Boy’ (RCNS;1939-1945); Thomas Oliver Davies, asking for ‘any others’ from RCNS days (1939-45). There have been a number of RCNS old boys, as ‘News’ & ‘Stories’ show. These accounts have been most helpful in adding to our history of RCNS days. However as Thomas Davies rightly points out, there is not a lot of Information about ‘Officers & Teachers’ of RCNS from 1919 to the amalgamation in 1949.

Our research has shown that the first Captain Superintendant of RCNS was: Captain C. Hamilton RNR – RCNS 1919 to 1927. He was followed by: Commander  A.P. Pettman RN–RCNS 1927 to 1938… was; Commander L.C. King RNR-RCNS 1939 to 1949.

Having thought we have the Captain Superintendant’s for RCNS correct, we were to come across a record for Captain FHL Lewin RN as Captain Superintendant of RCNS; 1941 to 1945. This record was found in ‘Ups & Downs’ a magazine of the Canadian Branch of Dr. Barnado's, dated 1941.

So it was back to the drawing board. Royal Navy records show there was a Commander Francis Hutchison Laprimaudaye LEWIN RN. His record has been found in the RN Navy Lists from 1901 to 1915. Commander LEWIN RN had a distinguished WW1 record and was commended for service in action, as a Lt. Commander in the 6th Flotilla and Dover Patrol. To date we have not been able to establish that Commander FHL LEWIN RN, became Capt. Superintendant at RCNS…… Thomas if you can put your thinking cap on…….a couple of questions??

1.  Can you recall the Captain of RCNS (1939 to 1945)?

Also you mention that you were in the RCNS Band…..we know that ‘Bandy Joyce’ became Bandmaster at PSTS when Watts (WNTS) & RCNS amalgamated in 1949, Bandy Joyce came over from Watts…..

2. Can you recall who your bandmaster was when you were in the RCNS Band?

If there is anybody with any information on these questions we would very much like to hear from you.

John Trott (Arranmore 1955-59) PSTS Researcher.

Update: Thomas Oliver Davies

Tom has replied to Gordon Brocklehurst's message. "The names do not ring a bell. I can remember Jones 166, Savage 45, Bowing 11 and Fellows 53, although unsure of this number."

Update: The Boy from Barnardo's film

Nolly Bland has been in touch to say the film, made in 1938, is better known as 'Lord Jeff'. There is reference to this on Amazon and IMDB; Amazon own IMDB. It is possible that you may be able to purchase a copy from Amazon.