Notification of Absence

Due to a health commitment I will be away for a few weeks. Queries will be answered and news updated upon my return.

There are over 200 visits to this site every month, some from ‘old boys’, some from people searching for information about relatives and friends and quite a number from researchers looking for information about the early days of a very British Institution....The Sea Schools! Keep the enquiries coming.



Demolition of the four houses

Ronald Jenkins (Arranmore 58-60) called to see the school last month. He spoke to a lovely lady called Jackie, who he believes is head of media studies. She advised that the houses are due for demolition next June to make way for a new housing development. L.R.C.H will not be affected as there is a covenant on the building - as for the Church and other buildings in the parade ground area no firm news as to what is happening to them! He spoke to Barnardo's but because they no longer own the site there is not a lot they can do. They are however prepared to support any plan to prevent the memorial tablets of each of the houses from being destroyed. I think saving these perhaps to be displayed in L.R.C.H. would be a fitting memorial and memento to all the boys who spent their informative years in P.S.T.S.

Please let us know your views on this decision.

Ian Devine - Memories of RCNS

There is a new post in the stories section of the website. Ian Devine has submitted his earliest memories of childhood and his time at RCNS. It is a very interesting read regarding his time at the school from 1946-1949. 

Ronald Amos

Paula Amos is trying to discover what became of the model ship that her father, Ronald Amos presented to the school upon leaving in 1957. He had made it himself and it was in a glass case. It is mentioned in the Jack Tar magazine of Spring 1957, where it suggests it may have been an exhibit for sale on a stall on National Barnado Day. If anyone can remeber the ship or what may have happened to it, please get in touch.

Return Ticket Home by Philip Morrell

Philip has sent in a message - "Greetings to everyone. I have just finished 'Return Ticket Home' - the book might well be of interest to anyone who had been in Barnardo's and PSTS in particular. Sample chapters etc. are available at - all net proceeds are for the present day charity. Kind regards Philip Morrell. Arranmore 56 (56-59)." The kindle version is now available on Amazon.

Desmond Kenny

Siobhan Patten is trying to gather information concerning her father in law, Desmond Kenny. Desmond entered Russell Coates Nautical School in 1932. Unfortunately Desmond passed in 1991, aged 71. If any one remembers Desmond or has information that could help Siobhan with her search please get in touch.

Charles Parr

Ron Parr is trying to gather information concerning his father Charles Parr. Charles was admitted to Barnado's in 1913, aged 3 and then entered Watts Naval Training School in July 1925 at the age of 16. He subsequently joined the Royal Navy where he served until 1939. If any one remembers Charles or has information that could help Ron with his search please get in touch.

Max Bygraves Christmas Special 1959

Malcolm Alexander Miskow (A.K.A. Rusky) says "Hello to all involved in the M.B. Christmas Special." He danced the hornpipe on the BBC show. He was sent to PSTS as a problem child from 1957 to 1959 and said "To be placed in such a strict environment was shocking for one so young. My youthful friends are now lost to me but memories are so wonderful." He has now retired and would love to hear from anyone from his PSTS days.

Website Update

As many of you will be aware my father, Richard Eastwood who founded and ran this website has recently passed away. I apologise to anyone who has been waiting for responses to queries sent in but it has been an incredibly difficult time for the family. I will be updating the website from now on and have some past classmates of Dad's on hand to assist with research. Please bear with me and be assured I am on the case. Many thanks. Rachel (Eastwood).  

Old photos of WNTS and RCNS.
1st March. 2014.

Many thanks to Christine English who has sent me a collection of photos that date from  c1927 onwards. She tells me that they are from the "Lewen" family who had a fine naval tradition, in fact I believe one of the Lewen's was Capt, of WNTS at some time.

If you can recognise anyone or any place, let me know and I will update.