The HMS Ganges Association.
12th. November. 2013

While reading my paper yesterday I noticed in the Memorial columns a message from the "HMS Ganges Association." I looked it up on Google and contacted the administrator with the idea of placing links between our two websites. The administrator has agreed to do this but we do need to make clear that the Ganges website is for members only and in order to gain access to it members need to be fully paid up members of the Ganges Association.

 There were numerous boys from WNTS and PSTS who joined the Royal Navy via HMS Ganges over the years and no doubt some of them will be aware of their website. A lot of my friends, especially those from Broughton house, went to HMS Ganges and it would be great if we could make contact with them again.

News of Ian Roake.
11th November. 2013.


I am very pleased to say that I have made contact with one of my old friends from Broughton house. Ian Roake was number 117 and after leaving in 1958 served for 25 years in the Royal Marines. He and his wife Pat have lived not far from Parkstone for nearly 40 years. He will send me more about his years with the Royal Marines where he travelled all over the world. If anyone wishes to contact him please let me know. There is a photo of him on the photos page under "recent photos".

Sea school flags.
10th November. 2013.

Another interesting item from John Trott has been placed on the "Did you know" page, this one concerns the flags flown by various sea schools.

Once again, many thanks John.

News from John Trott.
9th November. 2013.

I think some of you might be very interested in the film clip that is included, many thanks John.

 Hi all, Many of us remember the Max Bygraves 'Christmas Special' in which Parkstone Boys appeared with Max on the TV.

On the 2 October 1961, Max Bygraves also appeared on; 'This is Your Life'. Max Bygraves was rehearsing for a new show at London's Prince of Wales Theatre. As those who remember the; 'This is Your Life' shows, the compare was Eamonn Andrews, who successfully 'surprised' Max during a rehearsal. As was usual Max was then whipped away to the BBC Studios for 'This is Your Life'.

The Guest List shows a number of surprising invitees ….. and this may jog a memory or two ….. in helping  any who can remember the; This Is Your Life episode.

As well as Max's Mum & Dad and Max's wife 'Blossom' and their children, there was….  Bessie Braddock the fiery Liverpool, Labour MP,….. Val Parnell, the famous London Theatrical Impresario who produced Sunday Night At the London Palladium, where Max frequently appeared,  the Band Leader Joe Loss,  the Comedian Eric Sykes……..  a Pantomine Duck called 'Pricella' ……..  and more importantly a number of boys from Parkstone Sea Training School !!

There are some dozen photo's of the show released by the BBC ….. and there is a viewable clip on; 'Youtube' (see: …. its worth a look … where you can see quite a number of Parkstone boys on the show, singing in the  Max Bygraves song; Gilly Gilly by the Sea.

Can anyone remember this episode of  Max Bygraves … 'This is Your Life … and who appeared on the show?

 Kind regards to all, John Trott, Arranmore.

News from Mike Richards.
8th November. 2013.

 I received this message from Mike Richards (Arranmore 56 : 1955- 57) today. The Wild Violet he refers to was one of the cottages at the Village Homes in Barkingside Essex.

 Richard, your mention of Wild Violet brought back memories. Pop Guertin playing the mandolin, going out to school, I went to one called Gearies, funny the things you remember. One of the cottages on the right had probably one of the last group of youngsters for Australia. They didn't mix much with  the rest of us, I think to keep them free from colds and flu. From what I have read over the years, Barnardo's made a lot of mistakes with their export of children. Wild Violet sent quite few of us to PSTS over the years, you, Dave Dart, me, Goody etc. What ever happend to Dave Dart I wonder?   I have photos of after leaving if you think they are of interest. Thats all for now from a not so sunny Spain. Mike.

No News!!!!
8th November. 2013.

It is now 20 days since the last posting from John. I have had absolutely nothing to place on the site, surely someone has something interesting (or not) to say!

If you can add names or details to the "photos" section, if you can recount something humorous or perhaps an anecdote from your time at the schools, if you wish to contact a mate from those days or if you wish to let us know what happened to you after school and what you are doing now, then please write in and I will publish whatever you wish.

Many thanks to those who do contribute regularly, without you the site would fade away.

From John Trott.
19th October. 2013.


Mick, Pleased to hear that it was a near miss .....'Just about Crossed the Bar' .....   sounds as you've got the Plumbing Working OK again.

Richard has the Web Site going well, lets hope that we get many more' write ins' ..... its good to keep in touch with each other, over the past couple of months there have been a good number of 'write ins'  to the News Tab.

Kind regards,  John Trott -  Arranmore 1955-59. Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

News from Mick Aves.
16th October. 2013.

I received the following emails from Mick this week, thank goodness he is recovering well and still retains his sense of humour!

Hi Richard, Just about crossed the bar, 23 August 2013, had a massive heart attack. Vicky & her daughter Hermione rushed me to private hospital in Larnaca, who then rushed me to Nicosia for checks & two stents fitted. They were very good & was only in hospital five days. Amazing what they can do now, just getting on with life almost as normal. The sun out here must be thanked for the speedy recovery.

I expect you are all wrapping up for the winter months. We are too, it gets quite cold for us especially now the acclimatization has caught up with us. We had a great time on our Far East & Australia trip. Staff travel went without a hitch, until Heathrow to Larnaca. No seats available, so hired a car & visited Vickys son, then mine. We got the only two seats remaining for our return to here. We also had staff travel on Cathy Pacific & Qantas. They were absolutely marvelous to us. I had a nice look around the PSTS site & it was excellent, well done to yourself plus all who help you.

News from Bruce Merrett.
6th October 2013

I received the following message today from Bruce Merrett.

I was a member of LRCH, I think 1961 to long ago. I will try to add memories to your site. I remember many of the boys from that era...& staff of course.

I was number 188 at LRCH & visited Ma & Pa Lindop when they worked for the NSPCC in Wales, years later. I now reside in New Zealand.

Information required re, Don Stockting or Stockton.
5th October. 2013.

I received this request for information today, if anyone can help, please contact me.

Hello, I am looking for information about  Donald Stockting or Stockton who joined you (RCNS) aged ten in the late nineteen thirties I think. He was placed in Howard House, (number 23) and at fourteen moved to Broughton house. He left the school and joined the Merchant navy, only to decide that he would prefer the army. Don worked for me for a number of years but sadly passed away a few years ago. I have some information on tape about his adventures whilst in prison camps in Korea. He held the record for the greatest number of escapes.  I am retired and thought I might try and write down his story. I would greatly appreciate any information you might have.                                           Kind regards, Roger Young.