Parkstone Sea Training School

Arranmore house c1954.

Front row: Lewis--?--Rob Seviour--Mrs Seviour--Mr Seviour--Jenny Seviour--Stephen Seviour--Stuckey--Millard.

2nd row: Busswell--?--Hand--Goble--Roake--Turner--Carvell.

3rd row: ?--?--Preston--Bower--Watts--Dickinson--Leddy.

Top row: Crabb--East--Rainbird--?--?--Durman--Carson.

Howard house, 1956.

This is a picture of John Wallace from c1955 in the gym Team.

Open Day c1957, display team for "knots", holding the central stanchion is Jeff Chandler (Broughton).

Peter Champney PSTS 48. (1950-1952).

Open day, 1955/6

Johnston house,c1964.

PSTS choir 1955. front row: Leddy?--?--Mosely?--Rev Slater.--?--Stuckey

2nd row: --?-- Carson--T.Quelch--?--?--Ryder--?--

Back row: --?--?--?--?--Wilding--?--Durman

Roger Wilding with some of his family members c1954.