Alders (Prev. Windebank) J

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Today I came across your amazing PSTS site. I will start by introducing myself. At the time my name was John Windebank of Howard house No. 35. I changed my name to John Alders in 1959 just after leaving, reading your site brought back some wonderful memories and names. I have so little info but will share what I know, my shadow at Howard was John Breen who I kept in touch with in the early 60s, alas John met with a very serious road accident in Shirley, Southampton, the last I knew he was making progress. Last year I managed to speak to Alan Marsh of Johnson house,he was well and living in Liverpool. Two other people that I knew very well were both from Arranmore house. Des Coleman and Colin Rowe, I know the latter is living in America, the three of us all played together in Southampton when we were kids and they followed me to PSTS. I will mail more later.

John has since been in contact to advise he has made contact with John Rowe and they are planning to skype soon.